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How to Become a Discerning Woman
27th March 2017 • Set Apart Podcast • Leslie Ludy
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In a day and age where discernment is sadly lacking, Leslie reveals the desperate need and imperative call for today’s Christian women to regain godly discernment. In this episode, Leslie contrasts trendy, popular messages in modern Christianity with the principles of God’s Word.  You’ll gain practical, biblical advice for making God’s Word the cornerstone of your ideas and beliefs, and learn how to combat our post-modern confusion with God’s rock-solid, unchanging Truth.

In This Episode Leslie Shares:

  • The important role of God’s Word in discerning today’s modern messages
  • The opinion that matters most in areas of discernment
  • Common discernment pitfalls for today’s Christian women
  • Practical steps to become a discerning woman