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MarketEd NOT Live - MarketEd.Live EPISODE 7, 21st December 2020
Firecracker: Jon Burkhart
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Firecracker: Jon Burkhart

It’s episode 7 of MarketEd NOT Live season three and we are crossing the pond (virtually) to speak to the wonderful Jon Burkhart, the award-winning keynote speaker and content strategist. He’s best known as the co-author of Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real Time Advertising. 

Jon is also the founder of TBC Global where he employs his Constant Curiosity Strategic Framework, and that’s what episode seven is all about, curiosity and creativity. Jon and Paul will discuss all things curious and questionable, moving forward creatively and fearlessly to ensure we can make ourselves think differently as marketers to get the best results we can. 


What you will learn... 

  • Why Jon is big in the Balkans 
  • How Jon is finding the world of virtual conferences as an MC 
  • What Jon means by firecracker curiosity and why we need it 
  • Why you always start with ‘what if’? 
  • Why it is important to revisit how you work and what you offer 
  • The importance of company culture 
  • Why you need to work out your internal culture first 
  • Why consumers buy from brands they trust and brands that stand for something 
  • Why it is important to adapt to changes quickly, curiously and authentically 
  • The four curious characters 
  • How to sell your ideas to senior leaders 
  • What the Q.U.I.E.T acronym stands for? 
  • The importance of urgency 

Resources mentioned in this episode... 

If you want to contact Jon, the best place to get a hold of him is through his social channels. Send him a message on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram. Send him a message and have a chat about how to be more curious, more creative and just an all-round better marketer.