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The Slow TV Podcast - Tim Prevett EPISODE 4, 23rd April 2020
Interviews with the creators of Norwegian Slow TV Number 1b
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Interviews with the creators of Norwegian Slow TV Number 1b

In this second episode, we hear an interview recorded for my documentary - That Damned Cow - Just what is Norwegian Slow TV? You can watch the documentary from my facebook page right here. Part One of this episode is here.

This interview is with Thomas Hellum and Rune M√łklebust, two of the creators and producers of Slow TV from NRK Hordaland in Bergen, Norway.

We are in one of the social areas on board a moored Hurtigruten ferry several hours before it departs on its journey up north to Kirkenes; as the interview progresses more people come onboard and there is background noise from them, and a bar in the background. It was recorded in August 2014.

I'm on most key social media, be sure to check out The Slow TV Blog.

In this part we cover:

The technical difficulties and challenges

What are your personal highlights and memories?

The Troll Wall / Climbing Slow TV

Do you think a commercial broadcaster could take up Slow TV?

What can you tell us about the Hymn Book Slow TV project?

Understanding the cow

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