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A Man's Need to Pursue
Episode 10421st September 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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Pursuit is important to men. Men love a challenge and going after a goal or a prize. This is the way we were designed. Pursuit is at its best expression in our life when we are going after a real purpose, a purpose outside of ourselves. Selfishness isn't a purpose because it destroys a man's pursuit. Selfishness will cause men to miss out on their ability to develop all of their gifts and make a positive impact in the world. Men need pursuit because it makes us better men and helps our society be positive instead of negative.

Pursuit Combats Wasted Selfishness

  • Selfishness is a waste of a man's life
  • This hurts our society
  • This hurts families
  • When a man is pursuing a bigger vision than his own life, he improves all aspects of his life
  • Pursuing a purpose makes us live above animals

Pursuit Guides Small Decisions

  • Pursuit helps us as men because it acts as our map
  • When you are pursuing a goal, it helps you with all the little decisions you have to make
  • Pursuing a life purpose helps with the small seemingly insignificant days of life
  • Pursuit gives focus to your life
  • Pursuit gives you the ability to prioritize and figure your time usage

Pursuit Gives Direction for Gifts

  • One of the best things pursuit does for us as men is it challenges us to be our very best with the gifts we have
  • Our gifts as men are designed to be used to serve others
  • Serving others is the highest form of manhood expression
  • When you are genuinely exercising and using your gifts to serve you develop confidence
  • One of the best things you can do as a man is mentor another man