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Melbourne Documentary and Chasing the Jet Stream
Episode 11025th July 2019 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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So many doc filmmakers are doing the one person crew documentary. For many, it’s a necessary evil due to financial constraints of the doc filmmaker. But for some, like doco Claudio von Planta, it’s the preferred way of shooting his films. And it also just so happens to be the reason that he’s been hired on such recognizable documentary series as the successful Long Way Round. And now, with his brand new film, Chasing the Jet Stream –  a film that is included in the lineup of this year’s Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (MDFF) – Claudio is back dealing with the type of documentary that he is most comfortable with: a story about a unique character doing unique things in the world.  

Topics Discussed

  • we check in with MDFF director, Lyndon Stone, whose festival has now become one of the most respected in documentary
  • how in 1985 on a break from university, Claudio von Planta, discovers his passion for doc filmmaking
  • how being a skilled one person crew got Claudio von Planta his big break with the Long Way Round series
  • the reason von Planta finds it important to create totally independent documentaries
  • how the doc filmmaker is a different breed and one that must be entirely passionate and dedicated to their craft


Additional Resources

Trailer for DP, Claudio von Planta’s directorial debut, Chasing the Jet Stream

Trailer for Long Way Round series

Actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman give great testimonial to working with Claudio von Planta

Even More Claudio von Planta!

I highly recommend checking out Claudio’s Vimeo channel. It’s chock full o’ films and clips from his incredibly impressive career as a doc filmmaker!


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