Rebuilding the World Trade Center after 9/11, office space in a COVID shaped future, and the #1 investment to make in life with Tal Kerret of Silverstein Properties
14th January 2021 • Innovation with Mark Peter Davis • Interplay
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Tal Kerret is the President of Silverstein Properties, a real estate development and management firm based in New York City. Silverstein Properties owns and operates 40MM square feet of office space and residential properties including the World Trade Center, which they bought just six weeks prior to 9/11. Tal shares his unique perspective of what it's been like to rebuild One World Trade and help rejuvenate downtown New York City. 

Before joining the family business of Silverstein Properties, Tal was a successful entrepreneur who was a part of the dot com boom in the early days of the internet. He used that experience and passion to start SilverTech Ventures, an accelerator, incubator, and venture capital firm. Tal tells us about SilverTech’s mission and a uniquely positioned company for the COVID era they’ve incubated called Dojo. By using their proprietary technology, Dojo allows companies to actually quantify the risk of contagion in their office space. It takes into account the airflow, the size of the space and other variables to give business owners a clear understanding of the risk in each room of an office.

How do you think the future of office space will look in this new COVID shaped era?

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Host: Mark Peter Davis

Guest: Tal Kerret