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Episode 772nd August 2022 • The Unlikely Artist • Graced Canvas
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The best thing you could ever tell me after I've coached you, or you've tried implementing some of the suggestions I make on this podcast is, “I feel more myself then I used to feel.”

If more of us could navigate the world being more of who we really are, and less of who we believe we need to be, the world would shine a little brighter.

In this episode you’ll learn about five reasons you might not be freely navigating your life as your most authentic self. I’ll offer prescriptions on how to think differently in a way that loosens those constraints so you can be more of you all of the time.


I’m pleased to introduce my briefest 1:1 coaching experience to date, “Expansive Creativity in 3 Steps”. This is a mini, life altering, custom, online experience that will unleash your full creative expression in just 3 sessions. The program is for you if:

  • you have something specific you’ve been wanting to create;
  • there’s a form of creative expression you want to improve; OR
  • you’ve identified a new area of creativity you’d like to explore.

For a $1500 investment you’ll learn an entirely new way to access your most vibrant, uninhibited creative self and get in-depth, personal coaching on your progress and challenges. Send me an email to if you’d like to apply for this coaching experience.

I offer soul-connected, nature and creative experiences at my gorgeous acreage and studio in Prince Edward County. You can find a calendar with my workshops at Or you can go to and subscribe for my newsletter.

Join me for The Magic Room Experience, a group coaching experience from October to February where you’ll learn how to bust through the BS in your mind, discover your inner knowing, and live more expansively. By the end of the Experience, you’ll feel expansive, excited and open, and be actively creating the life you waEnt. For more details or to apply for the Magic Room Experience, send me an email request with “I’d like more information about the Magic Room Experience” in the subject line to

For other creatively expansive ideas, follow me on Instagram @gracedcanvascoaching, Facebook (friend me, or LinkedIn (


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I’m a former international tax lawyer and senior partner of Ernst & Young in Toronto, where I serviced banks and other large multinationals and led a large group of professionals.

My life expanded when I left the law in 2014 to learn how to paint, something I’d always dreamt of doing, but had no reason to believe was possible for me. After a couple years of painting and selling my work, I became passionate about helping other people who yearn to feel more personally fulfilled, invigorated and soul connected in their lives every day, and I became certified as a life coach.

I now spend my time painting, coaching, and creating live events at GRACE Studio (more formally, the “George Russell Academy of Creative Expansion”) in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. And, of course, producing this podcast for you.




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