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EWS029: Do Stories Make the Man?
Episode 2918th December 2017 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode, I speak to a man who for more than 25 years, has been researching, exploring and discovering for himself the steps men can take to instill lasting change, resulting in authentic men, connected relationships, happier families and stronger communities. He is the author of the book "Man Unplugged". He is John Broadbent.

In this interview we explore the power of story in shaping our ideas of masculinity today, and how the stories we tell ourselves influence the way we live. John shares his thoughts on what’s challenging men today, and provides insight into how women can work to better understand and support the men and boys in their lives.

We also explore the changing nature of ‘manliness’ and how this is being affected by society, current events and shifting priorities.

In this episode:

  • John's interest and passion for helping men understand themselves and become better men
  • Why it's valuable for women to understand the men and boys in their lives
  • The 3 distinct areas of the man cave
  • The importance of recognising that people process things differently
  • The stories we tell ourselves and what it means to be a man today
  • How can we use story to change our thoughts
  • How the idea of being a man is changing 
  • The 'right of passage' from boys to men
  • Where to start the process of identifying wanting to be a better man


Links mentioned in the show:

Man Unplugged website

Manhood - Steve Biddulph

Mens Wellbeing Inc

Raising Teenage Boys - Andy Roy


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