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Embodied Wisdom: Navigating Higher Self Guidance
Episode 58th September 2023 • In The Flow with Amy & Laila • Amy Sikarskie & Laila Taylor
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Join us in this episode as we dive deep into the realms of higher self wisdom, spirit guides, and the intricate dance between our personal growth and the support of the unseen. Amy and Laila embark on a conversation about past lives, imprints, and the power of stories and metaphors in our spiritual journeys.

In a candid exchange, they explore the evolving relationship with guides, shifting from being swaddled to riding a bike without training wheels. The conversation touches on the role of ego, the subtleties of trusting oneself versus seeking external validations, and the ways in which higher self energy infuses our experiences.

Discover how past-life memories, spirit guides, and higher self awareness play unique roles in navigating our paths. They discuss the dynamics of channeling guidance and how our understanding of these connections evolves over time. Join us for this enlightening episode that encourages us to embrace our innate wisdom and recognize that growth is often nestled within the challenges we encounter.

This is part 1 of 2, the conversation continues in episode #6.

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Seasoned intuitive channels, healers and friends Amy Sikarskie and Laila Taylor, offer a glimpse into their everyday lives, connecting the spiritual and physical worlds.

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