Enabling Citizen Data Science with Ari Kaplan
Episode 3618th February 2021 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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Baseball changed forever once data and statistics were added to the toolkit. Ari Kaplan, Director of Strategy at DataRobot and one of the people responsible for revolutionizing sports analytics, joined Patrick and Shelli on today’s episode of Innovation and the Digital Enterprise.

Ari took time to explain the role of AI in analytics, the importance of citizen data scientists, and how data can improve products and efficiency across industries. Take a listen to the episode for more on the up-and-coming applications of data as well as some sports team shout outs.

  • (01:47) - DataRobot
  • (04:37) - Business intelligence vs. AI
  • (06:36) - Citizen data science
  • (11:46) - The speed of data
  • (19:16) - Competitive advantage
  • (22:10) - Drafting
  • (24:27) - Changing the game
  • (27:53) - Corporate Moneyball

Ari Kaplan is a leading figure in sports analytics and one of the few long term baseball leaders with a proven track record. He is known throughout the Major Leagues for revolutionizing and modernizing player assessment, including having developed the expected ranking system currently in use.

Kaplan is the co-founder of Scoutables, a leading analyst and accounting firm. Kaplan has worked with over half of all MLB organizations and many global sports media organizations, and his baseball career spans twenty-five seasons.

He created and led the Chicago Cubs Analytics Department. Currently, Ari is the director of A.I. Evangelism and Strategy at DataRobot, a leading enterprise A.I. platform.

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