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40. Shed Your Shoulds and Trusting Your Gut with Regan Walsh
Episode 405th July 2021 • From The Outside In • Debbie Penzone
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Life coach and executive coach, Regan Walsh, beams her light and love to a life-affirming conversation on how to tune into your core desires by listening to your gut. 

Regan knows how to do this first hand, after walking away from a corporate job four days into the role – mid-meeting, no less! Her spontaneous decision to abandon the “safety net” of a “stable” job primed her for her current role as an executive life coach and author of her first book, “Heart Boss.”  Now she helps hundreds of women hone in on their gifts and life purpose. 

We delve into her fascinating story and the transformations that have shaped her thriving business and sense of self. Then we explore how you can untangle yourself from a web of shoulda-woulda-coulda and start living your best life right now!

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