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How Can We Follow Jesus If We Can't Hear Him
Episode 17531st May 2024 • Words of Jesus Podcast • Don C. Harris (AP)
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Listen for the Word of God beyond the obvious story of the parable. The scriptures reveal sin creates distance between God and man. Remember when God tried to speak to the people of Israel? The people were not purified to handle the righteousness of God. In like manner, we must strive for righteousness. Communication is severed if we violate the ten commandments. Strive to obey. Jesus will teach us from the inside - IF - we keep the commandments.

~ Hold the dogma and doctrines of church traditions in an open hand.


75: Jesus Warns In Parables

Luke 16:1-31

Jesus told a parable to his disciples, saying:

           The Rich Man And Lazarus

            When the Pharisees, who were covetous, heard Jesus, they derided him.

            So Jesus told a parable to the Pharisees, saying:

            “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God. The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it. And it is easier for Heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail. Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery; and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.
            “There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day. And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores, and desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table. Moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.
And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom. The rich man also died, and was buried; and in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. And he cried and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.’ But Abraham said, ‘Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things.
But now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed; so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence. Then he said, ‘I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house, for I have five brethren, that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.’ Abraham saith unto him, ‘They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.’ And he said, ‘Nay, father Abraham, but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.’ And he said unto him, ‘If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.’”



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