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Clean Out Your Life Closet—A Life Conversation with Corbie
Episode 135th September 2021 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Today Amy is joined by an intuitive counselor and inspirational speaker, Corbie Mitleid. She is the author of Clean Out Your Life Closet plus several other "self-help" spiritual books.

As a writer and visionary in a completely medical family (father a doctor, mother a nurse, brother a doctor), Corbie has always made her own path rather than take one cut for her by others. Leaving an Ivy League university after two years, Corbie struck out to find where joy and purpose lived, regardless of what she was told she “ought” to do.

Corbie’s career now spans the globe, with clients worldwide. Her talents as an intuitive are featured in bestselling books. Still, her clients treasure her attitude of I’m not special, you can do what I do.

During this episode of Butterfly Kisses, Corbie provides suggestions to simplify your life by "letting go" of needless stuff. These are tips that she not only suggests but actively implements in her own life.

Corbie also discusses what it means to be psychic and how everyone posses the ability. But, like a pianist, it's how much you exercise this gift that matters. Additionally, she explains pre-life planning and her ability to communicate with your higher self to gain an understanding of lifelong challenges.

To find out more about Corbie Mitlied, or to book a reading, visit her website at:

There you can also find a link to her book Clean Out Your Life Closet (download a free chapter) and all her other published books as well.




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