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Episode #185 - Tuchel out, Potter to Chelsea! Premier League Takes a Break, Thanks A Lot Queen Elizabeth
Episode 1858th September 2022 • Squeaky Bum Time: An English Premier League Podcast • Laurent Courtines, Mike Salerno, Chop Sports Media
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In Episode #185 of the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, Mike and Laurent mourn the loss of the only Queen most of England's ever known... even though if she's the reason Premier League games are canceled this weekend. And also:

  • Tuchel out, Potter in! We recap a wild 24 hours for Chelsea after their latest underwhelming performance in their 2022-23 Champions League debut
  • Liverpool get smashed 4-1 by Napoli, in arguably the most disjointed match of the Klopp era
  • Tottenham and Man City open their Champions League accounts with sound victories and look poised to cruise to the knockout stage
  • Manchester United, however, drop their Europa League opener to Real Sociedad...but they'll most likely be fine

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