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The Opportunities within Blockchain Ecosystems and Staking Services with Wilson Patton and Daniel Maren
Episode 9522nd June 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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In this episode, Brian welcomes guests Wilson Patton and Daniel Maren. They are the co-founders of Long Run Capital. Tune in as they discuss blockchain and investment opportunities and tackle how blockchain computers are doing for assets with the internet for information.

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Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 12:33]  How the Blockchain Ecosystem Provides Improved Time and Cost Efficiency

  • Blockchain is a computer system that can make strong commitments and is not subject to manipulation by any one individual. The movement of cash on a domestic and global basis is an easy example of how blockchain could be used in the financial services sphere.
  • The ability to move cash globally is important, and blockchain is a key technology for making this possible.
  • The blockchain ecosystem is evolving, and there is a lot of noise in the space. However, there are legitimate businesses that are being built on the technology.

.[12:34 - 30:27]  Blockchain Ecosystem Driving Improved Cost Efficiency in Lending

  • Traditional banks are purchasing loans from blockchain companies, which has led to cost efficiencies and improved margins for lenders.
  • Tokens can be viewed as the digitally native equity of businesses, with some having fixed supplies and others generating high revenue per employee.
  • Bitcoin will likely remain the market leader as a digital store of value, while Ethereum is challenged in its competitive positioning.
  • The regulatory landscape is headed in the right direction, with democrats changing their tunes.

[30:28 - 43:26] Regulatory Outlook Positive for Crypto Industry

  • There is a tendency for technology and business offerings that are popular with consumers to be given a free pass by regulators, even when there are flagrant violations of the law.
  • Bitcoin and other blockchain-based technologies offer individuals in underperforming nations access to the global economy, which can improve their wellbeing.

[43:27 - 45:00] Closing Segment

Technicalities and terminologies may initially be difficult to understand, but communities are here for support!

Key Quotes:

“Fundamentally, blockchain is nothing more than a computer that can make strong commitments… When you have a computer that can make commitments, and is not subject to manipulation by any one individual, that changes the way in which you place trust.” - Daniel Maren

“When you think about that level of magnitude of improvement in time and cost efficiency, the new businesses that can be built by this ability to transfer cash… There are just tremendous business opportunities that open up that that from a technical perspective just wasn't feasible before the blockchain computer.“ - Wilson Patton

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