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207: A Day In Our Life: Behind the Scenes of Homeschooling, Business, and Family Without Childcare
Episode 20722nd January 2024 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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In this episode of Luminary Leadership Podcast, I am going to share with you the inside scoop of being a mom of 4, homeschooling our children, running a business from home, no childcare at the moment, and prioritizing family values in our home operations. It’s a lot so buckle up as I share with you what the day-to-day is like on the Hartke Homestead. 

I open up about my personal journey of bringing my family life and business into harmony with my deepest values. My husband, Michael, and I made the leap from our traditional careers to homeschooling our four kids and nurturing a flourishing business. I delve into the hurdles we encountered, our choice to homeschool, and the significance of crafting a life that mirrors our true priorities. 

I share a glimpse into our everyday life, how we blend family and work seamlessly, and the tactics we've honed to keep our lives balanced and on a path of continuous growth. My story is a testament to the power of embracing change, making sacrifices, and discovering joy in a path less traveled. I hope we are proof of possibility for you as an entrepreneur and leader. I know you think outside the box and I want you to know that can also be reflective in your home life. Live out the dream life designed by you, your family, and your values. 

Episode Outline: 

  • Evolution of work and family dynamics (00:01:09) 
  • Transition to Homeschooling and Business Growth (00:04:05) 
  • Recalibrating Our Lives (00:10:34) 
  • Homeschooling and Business Adjustments (00:17:19) 
  • Family Morning Routine (00:19:06) 
  • Our Homeschooling Approach (00:21:50) 
  • Teaching Family Values (00:23:26) 
  • Balancing Work and Family (00:25:15) 
  • Letting Go and Prioritizing (00:27:50) 
  • Family Dynamics and Daily Rhythm (00:34:30)

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