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Famous, fabulous & human - How grace & authenticity create our human experience
Episode 51st April 2022 • GET REAL with Dr Ronaye • Ronaye Calvert
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Dr Ronaye Calvert and Bindi Heit from LIVE Treatment Concierge Services are joined by special guest, Curly Velasquez for Famous, fabulous & human - How grace & authenticity create our human experience.

Our guest:

Curly Velasquez is a Los Angeles-based artist. He began his career in fashion working for celebrity photographer David LaChapelle, and design icon Jeremy Scott before starting his own line. Was discovered in the kitchen at BUZZFEED studios where he became an internet favorite. Currently you can see him on season two and three of VIDA on starz, and in the Netflix’s hit documentary MUCHO MUCHO AMOR. 

In this fun, profound and moving episode, we explore:

  • How good and evil can exist together in us all
  • How grace is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others
  • How every experience in life shapes who we are today
  • How being real and authentic is all that really matters, no matter how well known we are

Songs - Running with the Wolves by Aurora, Get By by Talib Kweli and Devil Inside by INXS

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Meditation - Connect with yourself

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