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PAVING a Woman’s Path through Menopause and Beyond with Michelle Tollefson, MD
Episode 11425th January 2023 • Hit Play Not Pause • Hit Play Not Pause
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In many ways, health care is actually sick care. We are enormously grateful for physicians who can address pathology and treat disease. But often the emphasis is on surviving, not thriving. That’s where Lifestyle Medicine comes in. It’s a system of health care that leans in on the power of social connections, personal psychology, exercise, nourishment, and more to prevent disease and optimize health. This week’s guest, Dr. Michelle Tollefson is a Lifestyle Medicine expert and OB/GYN helping women use the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine to thrive through menopause. This week, she lays out the details and shares how she used Lifestyle Medicine to thrive through 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, removal of her ovaries, and several reconstructive surgeries following a diagnosis of stage 2, grade 3 breast cancer when she was just 42. 

Michelle Tollefson, MD, is a Lifestyle Medicine expert and obstetrician-gynecologist. She is a pioneer in women’s health and Lifestyle Medicine and a professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is currently on the executive boards of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and PAVING the Path to Wellness. She edited the textbook Improving Women’s Health Across the Lifespan and wrote PAVING a Woman’s Path through Menopause and Beyond. Dr. Tollefson was one of the first physicians ever trained as a wellness coach. She is an international speaker, women’s health consultant, mother to three kids, and a breast cancer survivor/thriver.


PAVING a Woman’s Path through Menopause and Beyond

Her cancer journey

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