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Freedom's Benefits for Men
Episode 9513th July 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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Freedom appeals to men! All men long to have a sense of their own freedom. This is something that we are born with as men. This week we are going to look at the benefits of freedom. Freedom isn't just about a feeling or a sense of adventure. Freedom has some specific benefits that make us better as men. Without it, we will have a serious lack in our life.


  • When a man feels free he is filled with energy for life
  • Freedom brings energy but it doesn't guarantee success
  • Freedom has to do with you living to your full potential
  • Men need freedom
  • They need the energy that freedom brings


  • When a man lives in freedom it doesn't free him from responsibility
  • Freedom brings more responsibility to every man
  • Men need this responsibility because it keeps them remaining children their whole lives
  • Men without freedom will  disengage from life because they haven't taken responsibility for themselves or their world
  • The responsibility that comes with freedom is part of what makes us better men


  • Freedom causes us to focus our life
  • When a man has the responsibility he gets really focused on what he needs to do
  • We have a society of selfish men who think they are owed something
  • When men aren't free, they only focus on themselves and their appetites
  • Free men focus on what is important and develop the important ability to say no to themselves