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Live the Width of Your Life (Feat. Aneta Ardelian Kuzma)
28th August 2023 • Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders • National Society of Leadership and Success
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What does it take to live a fulfilling life? For Aneta Ardelian Kuzma, a life coach and best-selling author, it’s about looking within and getting in touch with your values, free from external noise and the rules society creates for us. In this episode of Motivational Mondays, she shares her journey from burnout and depression to thriving as a life coach for high achievers — and what listeners can do to transform their own lives.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your life, this week’s episode is full of insight about the power of taking small, “bite-sized” steps toward change. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how small daily commitments to growth can completely transform your life, why success can’t happen without mental health and wellness, and how to align your daily choices with your dreams and biggest goals.


>> Start your mindfulness journey today with Kuzma’s book, “Live the Width of Your Life: 365 Daily Meditations on Living with Purpose, Passion, and Peace.” (

>> Check out programs, resources for mindfulness and yoga, Kuzma’s blog, and more at Ardelian Kuzma Group, LLC. (

>> Listen to Kuzma’s podcast, Live the Width of Your Life. (

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>> Check out these valuable meditation resources so you can protect your mental health, anywhere. (

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>> Listen to the bonus episode to learn about how Kuzma built her business by supporting organizations through the pandemic, as well as the power of asking “What kind of life do I want to live?” (

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