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Hasan Yasar on The Multiverse of SBOM Phases
Episode 172nd August 2023 • daBOM • DJ Schleen
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There's no better way to get to know someone than staying awake for 24 hours straight while moderating sessions of the world's biggest virtual DevOps conference - All Day DevOps. It's One of the many times I've gotten to spend with Hasan Yasar over the years. 

We were hunkered down in an office in Tyson's Corner, just outside of Washington, DC, broadcasting throughout the day to an audience spanning the world, introducing some of the world's most talented minds before they shared their stories.

Hassan and I met back in 2017 when we were both speaking at DevOps Connect at RSA, and I was floored at the wealth of knowledge he had about DevSecOps. He's done the research, knows the practice, and has the mind of an architect. 

Hassan isn't only a speaker in the community, though, he's also an organizer of events such as DevSecOps Days Istanbul, DevSecOps Days Tokyo, and one very memorable panel I was on at an event hosted by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Hassan placed me on a panel beside Brigadier General Greg Tohill in front of an audience of military personnel to discuss DevSecOps. 

I will never forget fielding a question with General Tohill from a member of the Air Force. They asked "how do you fail fast with a ballistic missile?" 

" You better have some good simulators."

When Hassan and I caught up again at the RSA conference this year, our conversation turned to the topic of Software Bill of Materials and how they fit into the SDLC. 

... and then Hassan started talking about how we could shift them extremely far left... 

Welcome back, to daBOM.