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265: How Much Protein Do You Actually Need with Dr. Mikki Williden
Episode 2658th August 2022 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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How much protein should we be eating? What types of protein should we consume? Do our protein needs change throughout our life?

Today’s guest, Dr. Mikki Williden, answers all our questions and busts popular protein myths. Dr. Mikki Williden is a registered nutritionist who has been privately consulting with clients since 2006. With multiple degrees in human nutrition and physical education, Mikki has decades of experience working with many people with different health and performance goals. She also hosts a weekly podcast, Mikkipedia, which dives deep into nutrition, longevity, fitness, and health. She is a co-host of a weekly endurance sports podcast called Fitter Radio. Mikki is a Senior Lecturer at Unitec Institute of Technology and the creator of Mondays Matter, a successful fat loss group program that utilizes evidence-based techniques to support body composition goals.

In this episode, we talk about the increased cultural push to switch to a plant-based diet, the problem with epidemiological studies about eating meat, what recommended daily allowances really mean, how you can make sure you’re getting enough protein, critical differences between animal and vegetable protein, and so much more. Mikki makes this stuff easy to understand for all of us, and anyone can apply her principles. Enjoy the episode!

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