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ENERGY is EVERYTHING! Instant "Body" Upgrade
Episode 411th August 2021 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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Are you constantly feeling tired, exhausted, and on the verge of burnout? You are not designed to live that way. Energy is not a limited resource. You can have more energy, vitality, and life force.

So how do you access more of that supernatural energy? And what is the role of your body in harnessing the life force? Christine will answer these questions in today’s episode. 

 Dear Warrior, you are not your body. You are a soul, a spirit housed in a beautiful body. Your body is the vessel to experience the fullness of life. It is time to upgrade the level of care that you give your vessel.

“Mindset is NOT everything! ENERGY is Everything!”

“You can choose to be a HOSTAGE to supernatural strength and life force or a HOSTAGE to the things that drain you and ROB you of Life!”

- Christine Jewell


7:54 Your body image and your feelings

15:11 Shifting your relationship with your body

19:09 Understanding the cost of not caring for your body

20:02 Are you a host or a hostage?

21:31 Stress is the biggest factor that robs you of energy

24:38 You are either living or dying -- the choice is yours

25:43 Applying the supernatural laws of life force

27:55 Mindset is NOT everything! ENERGY is everything!

And so much more! 

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