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How To Hit The Ground Running In September
Episode 3031st August 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Shirley Si Ahmed, School Business Leader, returns to share her advice on how to hit the ground running this September! 

We talk about all the key areas of the SBL role plus what you need to get covered off quickly, the things you might forget (but won’t now!) and some tips to help you feel ready for anything!

The episode at a glance:

[1:55] – Shirley tells us whether she’s ready for September and what her summer has been like  

[4:09] – Shirley talks about what it’s like to forget who she is, where she’s up to and what she should be doing – and how to avoid feeling the same way!

[9:29] – Shirley talks about why now is a good time to take stock, make changes where they are needed, set your priorities for the upcoming year and how to make a plan for your teams too

[16:51] – Shirley talks about the importance of a clean slate, how we can use it to our best advantage and how far ahead we should actually be thinking!

[25:21] – We tackle the big one… finance! What do we need to do now to make sure we’re ready for the new year? Shirley tells us…

[32:17] – Shirley runs through some key compliance areas you might want to check / complete as the new academic year gets underway

[36:47] – We talk about the key HR tasks you should prioritise at this time of year

[43:14] – Shirley talks about what data we need to collect, review, update, share and/or archive

[49:31] – Shirley talks about the key H&S areas you should have a look over at the start of the year

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