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1982 - GenreBlast
30th June 2022 • Movie of the Year •
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Movie of the Year: 1982


What 1982 genre films almost had enough to be considered for Movie of the Year?

Genres, they make up the bulk at the movies lefty Hollywood pumps out to us year after year, but we here at Pop Filter have no time for anything that is not a serious, pinky-in-the-air drama. However, we know how upsetting it is to simply dispense with action, romance, family, or comedies, just to name a few, and so we've brought this very special show to you to make sure that we are representing 1982 to the best of our abilities

Now, we have covered horror already, so we will focus primarily on the non-horror genre films of 1982. You want action? We got action! We got everything from Sylvester Saloon to Arnold Schwarzenegger. These big beef boys brought the big-beef action, but more importantly? They brought the big beef. Also, they weren't afraid to make us think, especially about that big-boy beef.

Romance? Yeah, you're smooching with the best now, son, cuz there's going to be a little bit of romance along the way. (Greg/Mike shippers are gonna make sure they listen to this one!) Comedy? Don't make us laugh! No, wait, do make us laugh! Horror? Make us laugh, or you will die.

We cover all this and so much more that, frankly, it's not even possible for me to remember it. We cover genres never invented. Genres long forgotten. We reach across the Multiverse and pluck genres from universes so unlike ours as to make them wholly alien to even the most basic understanding. And we put those genres in a bracket and have them square off against each other one-b'-one because that's the only way to truly understand this place.

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