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Announcing The Women in Exit Planning Symposium with Exit Planning Institute and RAYNE IX
Episode 3212th October 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“This will be a great space for people to get to meet others in a similar space and meet regionally and just get to connect with other women,” shares Paige Wysocki, Marketing Manager for the Exit Planning Institute (EPI). At EPI, Paige is responsible for interpreting business goals, objectives, and forming marketing strategies that accelerate them. She is passionate about innovation and uses this passion to develop and implement growth initiatives for EPI. Paige’s most recent growth initiative was EPI Academy, a now award-winning learning management system built to deliver hyper-engaging and actionable education to the exit planning community. Today, Paige joins host Kiley Peters to announce the first ever Women in Exit Planning Symposium coming up on May 24th, 2023, during the 2023 Exit Planning Summit. 

The Women in Exit Planning Symposium is a large event focusing on women in all areas of the exit planning space. This symposium provides a unique chance for women in different areas of the same field to connect, network, and support each other. Topics include a discussion on family and culture, building your advisory team, gender discrepancies, expanding your network, and psychological obstacles for growth and exit. It is a great opportunity for not only women, but also for any men who work with female business owners to learn more about how they think and operate their businesses. 

The upcoming 2023 Exit Planning Summit hosted by EPI will feature a Women in Exit Planning Symposium for the first time ever. This event is an amazing career opportunity for female business owners and anyone who works in the exit planning space. 


  • “I think that the Women in Exit Planning Symposium will also help men who work with female business owners. It can be a different experience working with a male versus a female owner. And men who have female business owner clients should want to understand how they think, how they run their business.” (5:52-6:08 | Paige)
  • “Being able to create this space now where we can share experiences or best practices is gonna be really beneficial for a lot of people.” (09:05-9:15 | Paige)
  • “This will be a great space for people to meet others in a similar space and just get the chance to connect with other women.” (10:34-10:42 | Paige)
  • “One of the most powerful opportunities for a woman business owner in her career is the potential exit of her business.” (11:47-11:54 | Kiley)


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