Innovation in Los Angeles & Using Social Media as a Business Professional w/ Upfront Ventures Managing Partner Mark Suster
14th April 2021 • Innovation with Mark Peter Davis • Interplay
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As the Managing Partner of Upfront Ventures, Mark Suster has helped Los Angeles, where he and Upfront are based, reach the national stage when it comes to venture capital. The landscape was totally different 20 years ago and Mark/Upfront is a big reason why.

After two successful exits as a founder, Mark joined Upfront in 2007. Since then Mark has become one of VCs most prominent venture capitalists. The main reason being his savvy business decisions, but he’s also always been ahead of the game when it comes to social media. 

Between his blog ( and Twitter, he has always made his presence known by sharing fantastic insights into the world of venture capital.

During today’s chat we discuss what has changed in venture over the last decade and where it’s moving forward, Mark’s take on how VCs should think about branding and social media, and how to balance politics and business.

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