Recovery Blueprint Update with Sean Kennedy
Episode 113rd August 2020 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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When COVID initially spiraled out of control in March, the National Restaurant Association quickly worked with Congress to get loans for struggling restaurants. Since then, extended closures and uncertainty have necessitated new recovery package legislation.

Sean Kennedy is the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs at the National Restaurant Association. He joins us today to explain the PPP Flexibility Act and discusses the National Restaurant Association’s three-pronged approach toward restaurant recovery. Sean also makes the case for a national strategy to help get COVID-19 under control. Listen for the latest legislative updates.

  • (00:27) - The need for an industry-specific relief plan
  • (01:25) - The blueprint for restaurant revival
  • (04:07) - A second round of the Paycheck Protection Program
  • (05:54) - The RESTAURANTS Act
  • (08:16) - Addressing employee and consumer safety
  • (09:43) - Does Congress understand the dire situation?
  • (10:42) - Surviving in a constant state of stop and start

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