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212. Selling High Ticket Offers & The Key to Sustainable Client Relationships with Sales Expert Nikki Rausch
Episode 2124th March 2024 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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I am joined by the go-to expert in sales, Nikki Rausch, who has also become a dear friend of mine. She has supported me, mentored me and given me so many great ideas and learnings around sales. She comes to the table with over 25 years of experience selling to prestigious organizations, such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA. But she realized her passion and her gift was really in serving entrepreneurs and helping them step into possibility when it comes to scaling and selling.

Together, we unpacked the importance of fostering a conversational and safe environment for sales interactions, with a strong focus on nurturing relationships and truly understanding what our clients need. Nikki opened up about her transition from the corporate sales world to becoming an entrepreneur, highlighting how crucial it is to build rapport and the power of asking the right questions to engage with potential clients effectively. We also discussed tactics for managing high-ticket sales, the finesse involved in pricing without the need to justify, and the fine line of helping buyers make decisions without feeling pressured. Throughout our conversation, we kept coming back to the significance of being authentic and maintaining integrity in sales, which I believe is key to delivering a consistent and positive client experience that not only retains customers but also encourages them to make referrals.

This conversation gets really strategic, really tactical. Nikki shares so many things that you can apply immediately to see growth in your business, changes that will immediately affect sales in your business. But, on top of that, we had some great conversations around leadership, growth and possibility.

Episode Outline: 

  • Nikki Rausch's Background and Sales Expertise (00:02:16)
  • Sales Maven: Teaching Strategic Sales Conversations (00:08:57) 
  • The Significance of Conversational Sales Approach (00:11:54) 
  • Creating Safety and Setting the Stage for Sales Calls (00:19:39) 
  • Building Rapport and Trust (00:23:48) 
  • Handling Pricing Discussions (00:27:01) 
  • Guiding Decision-Making (00:32:09) 
  • Creating a Safe Sales Environment (00:43:36) 
  • Delivering After the Sale (00:49:21) 

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