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Episode 6: Match the Enemy's Aggressiveness: How Media Missionary Carl Wesley Anderson Beat Cancer by Silencing Every Voice but God's
10th November 2020 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Reverend Carl Wesley Anderson is an international equipping evangelist and documentary filmmaker. His vision, through itinerant ministry and his unique calling as a Media Missionary, is to inspire and equip believers for passionate discipleship and hearing God's voice. 

Carl is the author of LOVE SPEAKS as well as the writer/director/producer of the LOVE SPEAKS film series. 

He is also the Executive Director of Born To Blaze Ministries which produces and publishes quality evangelistic content like LOVE SPEAKS & FROM HISTORY TO HOPE in order to impact others, grow others spiritually and advance the kingdom of God.

In our conversation with Carl, you'll hear:

-How to hear God's still small voice...4:45

-Developing a deep, close relationship with God...6:30

-What to do with the deep yearning in our soul that no material thing can satisfy...11:30

-Breaking through cancer...14:00

-Learning to live with tragedy...17:45

-Considering the legacy we leave when we leave the earth...24:50

-Matching the enemy's aggressiveness in treating disease...28:50

-Moving into position to experience God's breakthrough in your life...35:05

-Transition to a media missionary...39:00

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