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Trailer2nd June 2022 • The Keep Cool Podcast • Nick Van Osdol
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Climate tech is constantly evolving. As the urgency to tackle the climate crisis grows, so does the number of exciting companies offering cutting-edge solutions. 

It can be hard to keep up with trends and harder still to link them to the bigger picture of climate and the climate technology landscape.

I’m your host Nick Van Osdol. And on the Keep Cool Show, you get a front row seat to discussions with founders who are solving climate problems. I’ll also do my best to make connections back to other emerging technologies to arrive at a fuller industry perspective.

Every episode, I’ll take a deep dive into a startup’s new technology, getting into what problems they’re solving, and what makes them unique in the space.

Then we’ll get to know the person behind the headlines, digging into the nuances of their business as well as from where they take inspiration.

If you’re a climate tech investor, work in the industry, or just want to know what’s coming around the corner, this is the show with the answers. 

And if you want to go deeper still, sign up to my newsletter at workweek dot com, where you’ll get weekly updates, considered analysis, and thoughtful explorations into the latest climate technology news.

New episodes every Thursday, starting June 9th. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast.





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