What Skin Treatments Work for People of Color
Episode 2028th September 2022 • The Skin Report • Dr. Simran Sethi
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Just because products and treatments are marketed towards women of color does not make them automatically safe for skin of color. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong treatment for melanated skin can have damaging consequences, as more melanated skin is prone to hyperpigmentation or uneven increased pigmentation. So what are some aesthetic skin treatments that are safe and beneficial for melanated skin?

The Skin Report is a podcast created to educate listeners on methods to improve skin health for people of all ethnicities and ages. This week our host Dr. Sethi concludes her September series on the beauty industry and how it approaches skincare for people of color. In this episode, she explains the science behind melanated skincare and why it is important to choose the right products, regimens, and procedures for non caucasian skin types. Unfortunately, the lack of research on skin of color has resulted in less outreach from the aesthetic treatments industry toward people of color. However, Dr. Sethi provides information on several safe medical-grade treatments for melanated skin.

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