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180. I've Made Bad Decisions, Now What?
Episode 18012th September 2023 • The Money Barista Podcast • Kerry Zarb, The Money Barista
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Welcome to the Virtual Café, it's coffee time!

Making choices between cappuccino, macchiato, or hot chocolate can be changed quickly, however, some decisions we make in our business finances can follow us for years.

Everyone has made bad decisions with their money at some point in their lives. Those choices can lead to feeling like we will never get this right. Ever wish you could take some things back?

In this week's show, Kerry Zarb & Kim White discuss...

  • making different decisions means changing the options
  • some things with our money we can't undo the decision or damage
  • sometimes we carry the feeling for a long time
  • learning without the pain that goes with it
  • pain of the time to clean up bad decisions
  • how we can turn bad decisions into good decisions
  • learning to trust ourselves again

We can turn bad choices into good ones over time. Regaining trust in ourselves by learning from our past decisions changes the options. Being aware of the times we spend when we are bored, busy, or distracted can keep us confidently in control of our money.

Cheers to being in control of those flippin' digits!

Kerry & Kim ☕

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