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How Facing Discomfort Will Accelerate Your Personal Growth With Jocelyn Kopac
Episode 1115th December 2020 • Anti-Aging Uncensored • Jill Gilbert
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This year brought Black Lives Matter to the forefront, resulting in a profound awakening for us all. I gained a new understanding and purpose, and a valuable perspective on how I can use my voice to stand up for what I believe. 

Coming to terms with our own biases at a later stage in life can be challenging. We become set in our ways, our beliefs, and worldview, and we have to keep educating ourselves and learn about the experiences of others. 

Every single person has their own perception of how the world functions and they are all different. 

When we talk to others, we have to remember that they may be coming from a life situation that is distinctly different from our own. We have to actively learn about the experiences of others to practice true allyship. 

What can we do to keep our awareness up? How do we talk about race and privilege with people who don’t share our worldview? How can we make our workplaces and businesses more inclusive?

In this episode, entrepreneur, business coach, digital marketing strategist, and DEI educator Jocelyn Kopac talks about how to learn more about people whose experiences are different from ours, and how to put our allyship and anti-racism sentiments into action.

Guest Bio 

Jocelyn Kopac is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, digital marketing strategist, content extraordinaire and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) educator. She works with coaches and consultants that have high-ticket courses and services, who are STELLAR at what they do, want their business to succeed, and sees the need to be an influencer in their field. 

A serial entrepreneur, Jocelyn started her first business at the age of 7. She helps leaders become confident in their growth plans, make sales, and build an audience through unfettered honesty, positivity, and doable strategies. Her ingenuity and positive attitude represent true leadership, but she attributes a lot of her success to the power of abundance, paying it forward, and a great cup of coffee.

For more information, visit and follow @jocelynjkopac on Instagram and Facebook