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The Unstoppable Force: Masculine + Feminine
Episode 311th August 2021 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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Welcome to another heart-shifting episode. Today, Christine will talk about The Unstoppable Force --The Union of Masculine and Feminine. The inspiration comes from her experience dealing with and eventually breaking free from 20+ years of toxic relationships to finding her soulmate. So if you’re craving deeper, more meaningful relationships, if you want to break free of the constant battle with the opposite sex, if you desire to experience deeper love and intimacy, this episode is for you. 

Dear Warrior, it is time to come back to your original design and uplevel your relationships. Open your eyes, ears, and heart to a new potential, a new reality. There is so much more waiting for you.

“We are created for each other, to work together as an unstoppable force.”

- Christine Jewell


2:17 The masculine + feminine are created for each other for a divine purpose

4:04 Breaking free from the constant tug of war with the opposite sex

7:32 What is up with our current relationship patterns?

9:20 The roots of abandonment, the sting of rejection, betrayal, and mistrust shape our operating system

20:28 What environment or programming have we been plugging into?

22:44 In the Garden -- Going back to the very first deception

25:01 Be wary of the great thief

28:20 What is the impact of developing a hardened heart?

33:31 The sacred union of the masculine + feminine brings forth this greatest power

And so much more! 


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