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Summer homework and bringing the best of both worlds to Japan from Sweden with Kumiko Ekstedt
Episode 14318th September 2023 • Transformations with Jayne • Jayne Nakata
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Kumiko Nakajima Ekstedt and I are discussing the differences between life in Japan and Sweden where Kumiko has lived for more than 14 years. I am interested to learn more about where in the world women have the best life and are able to live the life they want, be a mother if they want, have a career if they want. Full disclosure, I was having a very difficult time when I recorded this episode. My perimenopause symptoms were really giving me trouble and I may have gotten quite passionate about the summer holiday tooth brushing calendar. 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Kumiko shares her time between Japan and Sweden with her sons
  • Some of the things that she found surprising even as a Japanese person when putting her sons into Japanese elementary school
  • Some of the differences between Sweden and Japan that support women to have an independent life whatever their circumstances
  • Jayne gets very passionate about summer holiday homework

About Kumiko

Kumiko is dedicated to a passion for empowering women and fostering cross-cultural understanding. Originally from Japan, Kumiko has been living in Sweden for the past 14 years, where she has built a life with her Swedish husband and two boys. Currently, she serves as a valued member of the management team in a sales organization.

Kumiko's mission is to support women in Japan by sharing her experiences and insights gained from living in Sweden. She believes that exchanging perspectives can bring about positive change and inspire women to pursue their goals and aspirations. Kumiko's deep understanding of both Japanese and Swedish cultures allows her to bridge the gap between the two, fostering greater understanding and cooperation.

Connect with Kumiko: