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118. Prioritizing Hormonal Health with Dr. Carrie Jones #WellnessWednesdays
Episode 11814th July 2021 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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In today’s episode, Dr. Carrie Jones demystifies female and male hormonal issues by shining a light on the most common symptoms and challenges she sees her clients go up against. 

We’re a generation of hormonally-challenged individuals who’ve spent too long brushing symptoms off as “just the way things are.” To make matters worse, testing is time sensitive and so the hormonal cycle can find itself in a perpetual state of dysregulation. Add toxins, stress-inducers, and technology into the mix, and it’s not surprising that our bodies get overwhelmed and stuck in a yo-yo state of fight or flight. 

Plus: we break down circadian rhythms and the knock-on effect they have on your insides. As always, you’ll come out of this episode with actionable and accessible changes you can implement in your routine, from getting your lymphatic system into gear to choosing the right deodorant prepping your body to glide easily through menopause. 

You will learn about...

  • Red flags for hormonal issues and how to address them 
  • The Dutch Test
  • Common hormonal issues and how to fix them 
  • Identifying and eliminating endocrine disruptors
  • Sleep hygiene and stress management 
  • Making menopause easier 


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