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#229 - "Why Don't You Want Kids?!" - with Ruby Warrington
Episode 23015th March 2023 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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Welcome Back, Mamas!Why would a podcast about Matrescence and the experience of becoming a mother interview the author of a book about women WITHOUT kids?

Because, as you'll hear in this fascinating conversation with author Ruby Warrington, as women, we are all facing the same questions and assumptions of who we should be and how we should live.

A woman is SUPPOSED to want to be a mother, and love every minute of it.

A woman is SUPPOSED to follow a certain path and rules set by society.

A woman's reproductive status is a matter of open conversation and judgment.

This interview - and Ruby's phenomenal book - stirred in me an even greater commitment to breaking down ALL of the gendered-assumptions we have about mothering and woman...

whether we are mothers or not.

And it also provided a powerful and important insight into the experience of women WITHOUT kids - whether by choice or by circumstance.

[Time Stamps]

[0:00] - Acknowledgements

[0:41] - Intro

[2:23] - Mothers Without Kids

[3:41]- A Book For Anybody

[6:34] - The Mummy Binary

[7:52] - Loss of Autonomy

[8:50] - My Line of Questioning

[13:35] - "Why Don't You Want Kids?!"

[17:11] - Because we're born to do it.

[19:11] - Never Get Awakened

[20:28] - Reproductive Identity

[24:18] - The Transition to Non-Motherhood

[26:03] - The Tyranny of Choice

[29:33] - The Unsung Sisterhood

[34:21] - Those Who Can't. Those Who Won't.

[38:28] - "Are You Sure You Don't Want Kids?"

[39:38] - The Motherhood Specturm

[41:40] - Outro

Thank you so much for being here today to take in this important conversation and begin assimilating the various positions on this topic of our roles, assumptions and choice around what we are here to do in this life.

We always feel very blessed that you stopped by and even more so when you feel you have found something valuable in the words and ideas.

Take care. Be gentle with yourself. And know, you are not alone.

~Sat Nam~



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