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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 16th December 2018
69: Industrial Engineering directly into Semiconductor Sales – Owen DeLeon
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69: Industrial Engineering directly into Semiconductor Sales – Owen DeLeon

Owen DeLeon earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s Degree in Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Per his linked in profile – he is the Eastern Area Sales Director for Intel PSG products (FPGAs).

[1:20] Started out at the University of Miami in Computer Engineering before transferring to the University of Central Florida – and while he liked Computer Engineering – he did not love it. He liked the business side, and his guidance counselor recommended he stay in engineering but to consider Industrial Engineering.

[3:25] getting into the sales side…and needed to figure out how to work with a larger team to be successful.

[5:35] Why Owen waited a couple years before getting his MBA

[7:45] Internships during college, that is where he realized that he liked being out in the field vs designing in a cube.

[9:05] Recommended career path if you like the business side -stay with engineering vs just business school.

[10:10] One thing that really has Owen fired up – transformations in many markets – 4G to 5G transformations and being at the forefront of this with Intel.

[11:21] Ah Ha moment – just went off to college and made a lot friends and in sophomore year in Boolean algebra the professor says “On the final…” and Owen said out loud “The final?” was having so much fun in college lost sight of school and within days new he had to make a change and transferred to the University of Central Florida and that was a pivotal move that set his new direction.

[14:59] Getting through college – Discipline – treat college like a job.

[16:08] Listening round – growth and comfort never co-exist – Owen is an efficient and effective time manager and likes Seeking Alpha for industry insights and a book he recommends is “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell or “Freakonomics”.

[16:41] Parting piece of guidance – stick with STEM and find something you are passionate about.

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