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Repairing Broken Relationships, with Ron Alford and Josh Hudson (Sales, Responsibility, Coaching, Accountability)
Episode 21725th October 2017 • The Action Catalyst • Southwestern Family of Podcasts
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Ron Alford, Partner of Southwestern Consulting, is a certified Top Producer Consultant Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

Josh Hudson, President at Hudson's Furniture, is a leader of over 350 employees and 17 stores. He is an athlete and a father of four. Josh has been coaching with Ron for over a year.

Show Highlights:

Sometimes we need to learn to accept things. - Josh HudsonI learned how to look at myself and realized I was part of the problem. - Josh HudsonWe all see things differently, no one is right or wrong, just different. - Josh HudsonDo everything to understand what is going on with your coaching client. - Ron AlfordLook for reoccurring themes and think big picture. - Ron AlfordOur strengths can sometimes be our challenge as well. - Ron AlfordWe are not just building revenue, we are building a life. - Ron AlfordMy marriage has even gotten better as a result of coaching. - Josh Hudson

The Action Catalyst is a weekly podcast hosted by Dan Moore, President of Southwestern Advantage, the oldest direct-sales company in America, and Partner with Southwestern Consulting. With more than 45 years in sales leadership and marketing management, Dan has a wealth of knowledge to share on how to make better use of time to achieve life, sales, and other business goals. Each week, he interviews some of the nation’s top thought leaders and experts, sharing meaningful tips and advice. Subscribe on iTunes and please leave a rating and review!