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Marketing Strategies for Your Job Search - Lessons Learned from Donald Miller
Episode 126th April 2021 • Love Your Work Life with Elissa Shuck • ES-STRATEGIC, LLC
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Welcome to Episode 1 of Love Your Work Life!

On today's episode, I go over some lessons learned from Donald Miller and how you can apply them to the job search.

More specifically, how to use a storyline to present yourself, how to use logic and emotion along with proper messaging to sell, and how to position yourself as the guide instead of the hero.

People need problems solved on an emotional, physical and a philosophical level. When you can touch on each one of those levels, your product becomes irresistible!

Whether you’re going for that next promotion, looking for a job or making a pivot, Elissa teaches you how to navigate the ups and downs to have the career you want.

Visit the Teachable Here to learn how to market yourself in the job search, stay out of the job seeker 'black hole' and more!

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