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The Importance of Safety In Transportation and Logistics
Episode 31st April 2021 • Blind Spots: A Podcast About Transportation & Logistics • James Pederson
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If you’re in transportation and logistics, and not putting safety procedures in the forefront, then it’s not a matter of it will get you in trouble, but simply more about when.

In this episode of Blind Spots, James welcomes friend, fellow Marine, and Safety & DOT Manager at Texas Prides Fuel, Bart Lesniewicz. 

Bart worked in the Marines for over 20 years, and rose through the ranks, and he discusses his transition to civilian life (and great advice for those looking to make the same transition).

Bart also discusses his passion for the role of a safety person, and why it’s so crucial in this industry. He also talks about how you can get over the people who ‘have done it this way for years’, and help them to understand why it’s so important to look out for the greater good of the company. 

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