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Podcasting + Paid Traffic = High Ticket Clients with Jason How
Episode 1959th September 2021 • How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners • Luis Diaz
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Need Help Launching a Top 100 Ranking Podcast? 


What makes podcasting unique from all other platforms in terms of generating high ticket clients? If you’re as curious as I am, then listen in as Jason How delves through the know-hows with me. Jason is the man behind the successful generation of high ticket enrollees by top Coaching and Education businesses today. He’s generous enough to share his marketing secrets in this episode, particularly in the aspect of podcasting and growing a 6-figure business through high ticket clients. Find out how this Math wizard is leveraging data in growing and scaling a podcast! 

In this episode: 

[5:06] Discover the fundamental key to success in the podcasting genre that 6 out of 10 podcasters fail to pay attention to.

[9:10] Find out why the high ticket model is the most profitable business model in the podcasting funnel.

[12:29] Identify the 3 distinct places where a podcast fits in the picture in terms of generating traffic for high ticket clients and the turning point when paid advertising starts paying off.

[17:26] There’s something far more important than a podcast! Discover what it is and how you can leverage podcast relationships as marketing research.

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