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1st April 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Hey Green Future Growers! It’s April 2, 2018 but I start this rant February 23rd right after I talked to Joe Lamp’l from Growing a Greener World. We talk about everything from healthy soil and deep beds and he is just a delightful guest I know you are going to love.

Patreon – Green Future Growers Club Idea

But my friend Dacia and my Brother Peter have always talked about Patreon and how I should have a page there and I was thinking I should have a Green Future Grower’s Club there? It could be a place where we could talk about green ideas whether you have a green business or run a community garden it seems that a lot of my listeners have jobs related to the environment and it could kind of be a place we could join forces to help each other. Maybe I could put out a short weekly or monthly challenge or idea we could discuss? I mean it could be a Facebook Group too. If you have suggestions or ideas about what it would look like.

Awesome Science Action Club – BirdScouts Lessons

This morning I posted my first Awesome Science Action Club lessons that are for kids who want to learn about science and birds and other things.

I feel like there is a definite theme amongst my listeners that they all have jobs or businesses in the green fields or run community gardens.

Rockstar Millennials Foundation Idea

I have been thinking we should have an event this summer where we could meet up? Anastasia Plakias from the Brooklyn Grange said she would show me around the farm wouldn’t it be fun to meet up? Im gonna be in NYC for my niece graduation at the end of June. Or possibly at Young’s Farm on Long Island I just did an interview with them.

Speaking of other projects what do you think about a Rockstar Millennial Foundation that was a 501c3 that gave scholarships to rockstar millennials for projects that grow a greener future modeled after the Red Ants Pants Foundation

I’m even dreaming about a concert at Jones Beach someday…

What’s New With Mike’s Green Garden

I thought of something I should give you an update on what Mike’s doing. He just plasticed in the porch and has mini brocolli and pepper starts. He’s been raking and aerating the soil.

So that’s my Sunday Morning Rant!

Let’s Get Growing

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