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You Rising! - Lori Anne Rising EPISODE 4, 11th January 2021
Choosing the Path Forward
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Choosing the Path Forward

Jane Smith is a wife and mom with a graduate degree in social science. She was working full time until very recently and is now struggling to decide whether to go back to school or to pursue a career she’s passionate about. Her previous career was one built on trying to live up to others’ expectations while her passion feels like it lays in an alternate direction. Underneath this decision are beliefs about what it means to be valued in this world as a woman and a person of color.

Join Lori Anne as she mentors Jane to help her find her own answers and take the first steps toward a future that feels alive.

If you or someone you know is feeling lost, struggling to make a key decision in her life, or trying to answer the answers to “who am I?” all over again, please visit www.LoriAnneRising.com for resources that help women reconnect with their Wise One Within and create the life they’re craving.