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Educating Clients on the Tattoo Process | Tuesday Feelings with Ricardo Sturdivant Ep #67
23rd November 2022 • Reinventing the Tattoo Podcast • Guy Aitchison
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Join Ricardo Sturdivant for his #ReinventingDrawingGroup happening every Tuesday morning at 10am EST.

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"I am looking forward to having everyone who wants to join to come in open minded and ready to hang out and go over and share some ways that I have learned to perceive shapes, value, light and shadow. We will also be going over some motivational aspects of life and art and where I see them merging in this moment we’re in.“ -Ricardo Sturdivant

Bring any art you’re working on for the day, whether it’s a tattoo appointment, prep for an upcoming tattoo or just doodling and having a good time.

All skill levels and styles are welcome. If you are working on a project and want to jump in and show off, if you are struggling with a part of a designated want some honest feed back or an alternate perspective/opinion, or if you just wanna watch me draw some things and work on some art stop on by. This will be a judgment free, positive atmosphere for all artists to show off and meet some new people.

. for schedule and to beam in the Zoom call with us and join the conversation!


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