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Creating Connections: Amy Andersen's Journey to Matchmaking Success
25th September 2023 • The Female Millionaire • Fuel to Fire
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Want to surround yourself with women who elevate you?


  • The episode begins with the host introducing the guest, Amy Andersen, the founder and CEO of Linx Dating.
  • Amy is described as a premier matchmaker for high-net-worth individuals in Silicon Valley and globally.

Amy's Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Amy shares her early entrepreneurial spirit, mentioning her childhood ventures like selling flowers from neighbors' gardens.
  • She noticed a disparity in the ratio of eligible men to women in Silicon Valley, leading to the idea for her business.
  • Amy talks about the importance of observation and identifying a market need.

Getting Started

  • Amy reflects on her early days and the challenges she faced, including limited funds.
  • She emphasizes the significance of doing thorough research and understanding the competitive landscape.
  • Amy mentions her previous entrepreneurial experience during the dotcom era, which contributed to her confidence.

The Importance of Conviction

  • Amy discusses the importance of self-belief and conviction as an entrepreneur.
  • She shares a personal story about her boyfriend's reaction to her business idea and how it influenced her determination.
  • Amy encourages entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and their products despite naysayers.

Dealing with Challenges

  • Amy recalls the challenging early years of running her business, where she didn't charge clients initially to build a network.
  • She explains her strategy of conducting interviews and asking clients to refer friends to expand her database.
  • Amy highlights the hard work and determination required during the initial phases of a business.

Master Plan

  • Amy confirms that her approach of not charging initially was part of her master plan.
  • She focused on building a positive reputation and gaining credibility in the early stages.

Self-Care for Success

  • Amy emphasizes the importance of taking care of one's mental and physical health as an entrepreneur.
  • She mentions activities like daily walks, meditation, and getting adequate sleep to maintain optimal performance.

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