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If you're having a bad day, it can be nice to know that other people have had a worse one. And those other people are Caroline Verdon and Annabelle Buckland. Their lives are utter disaster zones. Bad things happen to them.

At least you didn't... is a brand new weekly comedy podcast is full of real life funny stories about the hilariously awkward situations they have found themselves in.

From falling in rivers to wearing slippers to a job interview, they've done the lot.

Caroline and Annabelle met whilst working as radio presenters and producers at JACKfm in Oxfordshire and whilst Caroline got married, had kids and moved to Yorkshire to work at Radio Aire in Leeds, Annabelle moved in with her Gran. At the age of 30.

Whether it's stories about bad dates, parenting mistakes or work disasters, this pair have it covered.

Fully accessible and released every Tuesday but if you feel like you need more reminders of how great your life is, then you can find them on Facebook and Instagram sharing photos and videos of their tales of hilarious woe.


Caroline Verdon 0:00 

At least you didn't get naked in front of your dad's mates

Annabelle Buckland 0:04 

nearly get killed by a hippo, twice

Caroline Verdon 0:06 

flash a mountaineer 

Annabelle Buckland 0:08 

or sling poo at a string quartet.

Caroline Verdon 0:11 

Those aren't random terrible things by the way, that you just never want to do. Those are very specific things that sadly, the pair of us have actually done. Hello. Welcome to our teaser trailer for "At least you didn't..." podcast. I'm Caroline Verdon.

Annabelle Buckland 0:25 

And I'm Annabelle Buckland and together well we're just we're basically a pair of walking disasters, aren't we, Caroline 

Caroline Verdon 0:32 

We met years ago and bonded over this. We were both radio presenters and producers. And we were just having a little chat one day and realised that the pair of us had done some terrible things. Yeah.

Annabelle Buckland 0:45 

So what we decided to do was, rather than never, ever tell another living soul about all these embarrassing anecdotes, we decided to share them with each other, and in turn with you. On a podcast that actual people might listen to. So what we did was we wrote down all of our terrible stories on little pieces of paper, folded them up and put them in a little bag, kind of like the worst tombola in the world. We switched bags of each other, drank a load of gin, and then proceeded to take them out one by one and tell our tales.

Caroline Verdon 1:16 

Those stories that was so humiliating that it was awkward, even telling each other and that should definitely never ever see the light of day again, they're the ones that we then decided, yeah, let's, let's stick that on the old podcast.

Annabelle Buckland 1:29 

You're welcome. Yeah.

Caroline Verdon 1:33 

Hopefully they'll just make you smile and feel a little bit cheerier about your own life. We also did something very important. Because we're nothing if not professional. We wrote a theme song.

Annabelle Buckland 1:43 

Yeah, and this, this might be the most terrible thing that either of us have ever done. And I don't know if you can actually call it a song. 

SONG 1:51 

At least you didn't kick a baby, tried to snog the vicar. At least you didn't show the binman your knickers. It could be worse.

Annabelle Buckland 2:03 

Yeah, you were definitely the the lead on that project weren't you Caroline, 

Caroline Verdon 2:08 

thanks very much. I'm quite happy to take credit for that. So our episodes are released weekly, every Tuesday. And you can also catch us on the old social media just search for at least you didn't.

Annabelle Buckland 2:20 

What would be amazing, is if you have any equally horrendously embarrassing stories, yes, share them with us. This is a safe space, a safe public space. So please do find us on socials. Tell us your horrendous stories. We'd love to share them.

Caroline Verdon 2:39 

Right coming up on our first episode. At least you didn't star in your own peep show,

Annabelle Buckland 2:46 

make a fool of yourself in the gym,

Caroline Verdon 2:48 

or nearly turn your boyfriend into a eunuch.

Annabelle Buckland 2:51 

We're starting strong.