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248 | GOING THERE: Building Extraordinary Lives: Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
Episode 24825th April 2023 • ICONS with Ava Johanna • Ava Johanna
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If you struggle with anxiety and overwhelm, you’re not alone. This series is about me sharing in real time what’s happening behind the scenes, and to be completely transparent, this past month has been a rollercoaster of anxiety. I felt sucked into the overwhelm mentally and emotionally of many things we’re doing behind the scenes. For me it’s a reminder of how important it is to take care of myself, but also not let the fear of overwhelm stop me from going for what I’m inspired by. So, in this 3rd episode of "Going There," I’m sharing the practices and conversations I’ve had with myself that have helped me navigate this season and find more peace in case any of you can relate.

“I just want to encourage all of you to not be scared of overwhelm, to not be scared of failure, to not be scared of putting your whole heart into something and things not turning out the way that you want because it's these moments that are going to develop you into the person that you truly know you can be. We need these moments because these moments are helping to build. If we can start the projects that we really want to start, if we can put ourselves out there in ways that we feel inspired to, and yes, feel fear, but not let the fear stop us, I truly believe that is when we create extraordinary lives.” - Ava Johanna

What I talk about:

  • What happens when I don’t nourish my mind and soul
  • How I manage feelings of anxiety
  • Holding space for duality
  • Shifting your thoughts to feel better in your body
  • Focusing on the moments in between versus milestones
  • The importance of play and connection
  • Memories from my Coachella experience
“This is definitely not an easy thing for me to share, especially because a lot of people project that things are always peachy for me, and they certainly are not. I have a beautiful life, but I deal with anxiety. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. I get really excited and just dive headfirst into things, and I'm learning to find a little bit more balance. So this month has been a big wake up call for me to prioritize even more my mental, emotional and physical health.” - Ava Johanna

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