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S1: Farming & Biodiversity in Argyll & Lochaber (episode 2 of 2)
20th February 2020 • Scotland's Farm Advisory Service Podcast • Scotland's Farm Advisory Service Podcast
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This is the second of a 2 part series podcast, which is brought to you from Argyll & Lochaber, in the west coast of Scotland. The focus of this series, is Biodiversity and farming.

In the first episode, we heard from conservation consultant Helen Bibby, who explained, not only the principles of Biodiversity, but also highlighted the role that conventional farming can play in enhancing biodiversity and the habitats in which it exists.

She also provided some advice and useful tips on how farmers can understand more about the habitats which might be in place on their own farms, which they might already be managing but not realise.

In this episode, as a follow up to episode 1, we’ve been out on the ground, talking to some Lochaber farmers, to learn more about, the real work which is being carried out to manage and enhance biodiversity, but also to learn about some of the challenges faced, when managing for biodiversity.

We are joined by local farmers, Paolo Berardelli and James Coalston. Both farm in extreme conditions, with a mixture of hill ground and grazed woodland.

We also explore the importance of support payments in ensuring that this type of management continues.

You can listen to the first episode in this Farming & Biodiversity podcast series here. 

We have more information about biodiversity on our webpage.





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